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In today’s episode, I have a special guest. A Professor in Antitrust Law, an Attorney, a brilliant mind and one of the few professional women out there who has a deep knowledge on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech & Data Privacy Laws. She will give us an insightful overview of blockchain and cryptocurrency regulatory framework and speak about the New enforcement framework, what Crypto Industry might expect under the new Administration, SEC and how USA regulators are embracing the blockchain innovation, DeFi and its regulatory challenges and many other interesting topics. I am very happy to present you, exclusively from Chicago for Crypto UntangledAdjunct Professor Olta Andoni, Esq.

As an expert, lawyer and educator at heart, Olta thrives to share her knowledge with others. She gives us an interesting overview of the new US regulatory framework and how these enforcement and regulations will affect the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. She advices everyone to embrace knowledge and the innovative spirit of fintech, blockchain and crypto industry as one of the solutions for a better and secure life.

Olta sees a growing interest of companies, businesses, start-ups in blockchain adoption. Which is a very good sign that more and more people are understanding the benefits of this advanced space of technology. More banks and financial institutions are focusing into the blockchain and crypto industry, which means that more the governments will try to take control of crypto, which might bring more censorship. At this point, she raises a concern and advices that in order to allow this industry to advance and flourish, government and banks should balance their control and find a middle way.

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