Crypto Untangled x DUST Team


Crypto Untangled x Big Mike – NIFTY Wizards & DUST Team

In this episode of Crypto Untangled podcast, we speak with our guest Big Mike about his early days in crypto, how did he get involved in EOS at pre-genesis, how he met Kurty with whom he founded the Nifty Wizards, parents of the DUST project.

Mike spoke about DUST magical mining bot, who can be an Operator, DUST token utility and roadmap, as well as its future integration into discord and twitter. Mike further spoke about the ways the team intends to grow DUST token value, and about creating a sustainable ecosystem, knowing that DUST is freely earned.

During the conversation, we learned how to play the Nifty wizards’ game, and ended up the episode announcing the upcoming Nifty wizards weed packs sale and a super exiting new DUST token functionality.

To know more about MAGIC DUST, of which CryptoNews Lebanon is a member, visit their account.

And to learn more about the Wizards, visit their twitter account

Thank you for your support! Your host, Dr Bou Dib

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