Crypto Untangled x Dayak Origins – Season 2 Episode 2


Crypto Untangled x Dayak Origins – Season 2 Episode 2

Tariu, a Young Indonesian artist from the Dayak Tribe joins Dr Bou Dib in this second episode of Crypto Untangled, to discusses his project and to shed light on Dayak Tribe’s culture and art.

Tariu added that the team is working to spread knowledge regarding Dayak tribe culture, something that he, a Dayak himself, is still learning and is fascinated by. He further announced their willingness to help other artists in Indonesia to enter the NFT market, and will use the raised funds to help his community.

During this episode, Pixeledfaces collection holders will get a special drop: an original Dayak Origins NFT dropped to Luka’s NFT holders.

You can learn more about the project by following their social media accounts: Dayak Origins on twitter and Telegram 

You can also join our Pixeledfaces Telegram group here .

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