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In today’s episode, I will introduce you to ZenSports, a mobile peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace where anyone can create and accept sports bets with anyone else in the world, without the need for a centralized bookmaker.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, ZenSports is available for download in both the and the ZenSports website (Android). ZenSports built on ICON Blockchain Protocol, has also created its own cryptocurrency utility token called SPORTS, which consumers can use for placing bets, earning discounted betting fees, and getting cash back, bonuses, and other rewards.

To speak more about ZenSports, its novelty, features, SPORTS Token, ideas development, on how to use the app, product updates and other information, I have the pleasure to introduce you the Co-Founder and CEO of ZenSports, Mr. Mark Thomas.

ZenSports – The fastest, easiest way to bet on sports with anyone else in the world, right from your phone Since October 22nd, users can use ICX (ICON blockchain coin) for funding, betting, and trading within the ZenSports app. This means that now all the customers of ZenSports, besides SPORTS Token, USD and Bitcoin, can use ICX as a choice when depositing funds. They can create and accepts bets using ICX as well as can buy, sell and trade ICX.

In addition, ZenSports recently created a cryptocurrency payments API that merchants can access in order to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments from its customers.

ZenSports app is a consumer friendly and easy to use blockchain sport application which aim to increase the cryptocurrency use and adoption worldwide. ZenSports is proving out a real-world use case for cryptocurrencies that consumers are using in their everyday lives.

For more information about its novelty, features & products, on how to use ICX for funding, betting, and trading, SPORT Token, how to be part of its community, partnerships and future developments, visit their website , and follow their updates  on Twitter .

Read carefully, do your own research, think wisely and make the right decision for your investment!

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