EncrypGen – Incorporating Blockchain into the DNA


EncrypGen – The Only Blockchain-Mediated Genetic Data Marketplace

by Dr. Jonida Bou Dib

Interview with EncrypGen CEO, Dr. David Koepsell

Everyone in the world is the owner of something valuable for the future and this is called DNA”.

Created by Dr. David Koepsell and Dr. Vanessa Gonzalez, EncrypGen came into life as a brilliant combination of bioethics and genomics science. EncrypGen is created to solve the injustice that is given to the individuals and entire communities which with their DNA are contributing to research an unimaginable and valuable resource of data and as return are receiving nothing.

As we speak, about 30 Million people in the world have done DNA Tests as part of volunteering or personal use. While this fact might sound interesting, what raises a big question is the fact that the world of Genomic Data is being dominated by the big testing companies, which make most of their profit by selling those people’s DNA Data results.  Yes, they make a profit out of people’s DNA data. Unfairly, those people are not recognized for their resourceful contribution to science and research. Taking these facts into consideration,  EncrypGen is determined to solve this problem and therefore its founders through the incorporation of  the advanced technology of Blockchain and knowledge, created Gene-Chain – the DNA data marketplace which not only aims in helping science and researchers, but also potentially supporting people to get a financial reward for their DNA tests. Control, security, privacy, ownership of data and contribution reward are the core principles of Data-Chain; key factors that will make a transparent and beneficial genomics marketplace in the future.

Crypto Untangled x ENCRYPGEN – Available 20/10/2020

EncrypGen will create values for the healthcare system, medicine and most of all, for the people. It will make DNA data accessible, secure and profitable for everyone. EncrypGen is the future of genetic medicine that through dedication, advanced technology and professionalism will improve everyone’s life for the better.

The exclusive interview with EncrypGen CEO, Dr. David Koepsell will be available next Tuesday, 20th of October on Crypto Untangled Podcast.

Crypto Untangled aims to be among the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency related podcasts and is already available on Podbean, Spotify, and Google and Apple podcasts.

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