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Pixeledfaces Weekly Update 02 – Pack Sale coming on the 25th of September!

Pixeledfaces coming this september

Pixeledfaces coming this september

Dear friends, supporters, dear Pixeledfaces community

We have been quite busy lately preparing for our pixeledfaces season 2 pack sale. As some of you might know, a 4th Ultra Rare rarity called Silver Dream has been added, bringing season 2 minted NFTs to 80, plus the two pack variety of course

Here is a brief overview

One. We were added to CAIT shop, a new marketplace with awesome roadmap and integrated Defi features. You can find pixeledfaces shop here

Two. We applied also to be listed on Tokenhead, and we are waiting there response. Our pack drop will be available on both atomic and neftyblocks: The standard pack will cost 4$ and contain 9 NFTs with chances roughly at: ~ Common 83%, Uncommon 13%, Rare 3.7%, and Ultra Rare 0.3 percent

The Mega pack will cost 10$ and will contain 25 NFTs with chances roughly at ~ Common 70%, Uncommon 20%, Rare 8.5% and Ultra Rare 1.5 percent

The best part is that the First 10 to complete full rarity sets will be rewarded. Rewards will be calculated based on the amount of our total pack sale. 10% of the raised amount will be given back to collectors as follow

Five percent (5%) will be rewarded to the 1st 10 who completed the Ultra Rare set

Three percent (3%) will be rewarded to the 1st 10 who completed the Rare set

One and-a-half percent (1.5%) will be rewarded to the 1st 10 who completed the Uncommon set

The remaining half percent (0.5%) will be rewarded to the 1st 10 who completed the Common set

Rewards will be evenly split: for example, the first to complete an Ultra Rare set will get 5% of the total sale / 10 = 0.5% in WAXP. The more we sell, the higher the reward! so Spread the word! more details about the reward mechanism will be shared later, so keep an eye on our social media posts

Pixeled Ape 07

Three. We did release few top dog beach club derivatives as requested by their owners, as well as some pixeled Apes. check them here

Finally, a new Pixeledfaces character dedicated to Artchick was minted and sent to her after she allowed us to use her name. You can check the new 1:1 character here

Support us in this adventure! Help us fulfil our roadmap

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