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Pixeledfaces Weekly Update — 01

pixeledfaces season 2 revelation

pixeledfaces season 2 revelation

Dear friends, supporters, dear community

We have been quite busy lately working on collaborations, initiatives to support artists on @WAX_io, as well as few final preparations before our season 2 pack sale

Here is a brief overview

First of all, the artist who was working on the sketches informed us that he was unable to finish the remaining characters due to some personal beliefs. Yet, as we are committed to delivering full sets of our 20 characters, we decided not to use any of his work

We minted few promos that include season 2 characters as well as some special scientific tools that would undoubtedly make season 2 interactive and fun

pixeledfaces scientific tools

Another incredible news that we were happy to share with you was the integration of Pixeledfaces into Immersys metaverse. Release date is not yet confirmed but estimated within a week. 4 NFTs including Brook and Mada will be added, which will allow you to bring them to life by spawning. Moreover, if you wish to add your favorite pixeledfaces NFT to the metaverse, please use this link, yet keep in mind that this is a paid service which you will have to cover

We did our first twitter invasion, and it was fabulous! To participate, join our telegram group, change your banner to that of pixeledfaces and your profile picture to one of pixeledfaces favorite characters, and wait for T0. We are coordinating our work and start commenting and talking about pixeledfaces in replies and tweets from our favorite influencers, celebrities, friends, relatives, neighbors (relatively anyone) tagging @pixeledfaces and using the hashtag #pixeledfaces

pixeledfaces season 2 packs

One last news! we proudly revealed our upcoming packs: The Common will cost 4$ (in WAXP) and will include 9 NFTs, while the Mega pack will cost 10$ and contains 25 NFTs. Date of pack sale is yet TBD

At the moment of writing this post, we are still looking for team members, developers and enthusiasts who enjoy building great projects and will help us achieve our roadmap. In case you are interested to join our enthusiastic team, dm us on telegram

Last words

We are proud with what we have achieved this week and we will continue to deliver incredible, fun, and imaginary real-life characters for you. Your support is essential and key to our success. Till then, Your Pixeledfaces Team

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