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Pixeledfaces Whitepaper V1.0

Pixeledfaces coming this september

Pixeledfaces coming this september

Pixeledfaces whitepaper V1

written by Dr Jonida & Dr Peter Bou Dib

Pixeledfaces NFT project


Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know” — Kylie Francis.

Seeing the amazing success of Cryptopunks and the booming NFT market in the last year, Dr Peter Bou Dib decided to launch pixeledfaces; a large variety of imaginary characters embraced by a unique story telling. A little blurry and blocky, aesthetic, and funny, these characters represent a combination of pixel art with life like characters and a rare story telling. Each character has his own personality, connection, and unique story as well as a role in the imaginary pixeledfaces metaverse, making them a distinctive collection in the open sea of NFTs.

Figure 1: NFT marketplaces: 30 days Volume, August 2021. (

As we can see from the data captured on top NFT marketplaces, obviously we would consider Axie infinity as the leading marketplace, yet Axie infinity marketplace is only for Axie infinity game digital items. Thus, this makes Opensea the leading Ethereum NFT marketplace, whereas Atomichub is the sole leader on WAX.

Let us take a closer look from OpenSea statistics (Figure 2).

Figure 2: NFT marketplaces: Volume of 30 days on Opensea (Ethereum). (

The data shows an increase in OpenSea users over time reaching 20k by August 4th and a volume of about US$ 60 Million.

Data from the AtomicMarket, which currently leads the market in WAX, as per August 4th, 2021, shows a total number of users of about 13.6k and a volume of US$ 330k (Figure 3).

Figure 3: NFT marketplaces: Volume of 30 days on Atomichub (WAX). (

Gaming industry

The global gaming market revenue as per Bloomberg, has reached about US $165 billion in 2021. By 2022, this amount is expected to rise to US $200 billion. As we can clearly see, the gaming industry is reverberating

Figure 4: Global Game Market Revenue. (

Figure 5: Top free-to-play games. (

Nowadays, most games are free-to-play among them Fortnite, Pokemon Go and Candy Crush Saga. Similar blockchain based games are already trending among them Alien worlds on WAX, CryptoBlades on Binance smart chain and Axie Infinity on Ethereum to name few. On top of being free-to-play games, although they require an initial investment in form of land, tools, or characters, all the three reward their players by special tokens and/or NFTs.

Figure 6: Top 5 blockchain based games. (

Moreover, the blockchain verified in-game tokens allow player to own, trade or sell their digital assets. Those assets (Token and/or NFT) authenticated on the blockchain, are stored in the player digital wallet, the same way Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other token is stored.

Figure 7: Global Games Market Value in 2018. (

With a market valuation that is expected to reach $ 200Bn by 2022, we decided to publicly introduce our project that combines pixel art, gaming, blockchain and NFTs, as we strongly believe that our style story telling style and management skills, backed by the right developing team would make the game is huge success, in this relatively booming market.

Yet as we are looking for partners that are willing to join the team and share with us this adventure, we would like to end this section saying that being successful is understanding what success literally looks like. A wise person once said:

“The key to success in the world is how you measure it”

Join us, let’s create a free-to-play, easy to access game that has a full variety of unique and personalized characters, and is wrapped by exclusive stories and your imagination.


Our aim is to bring life and utilities to our pixel art NFT collection.

To this end, we will divide the project into 3 main phases.

In phase One, we will organize 3 main NFT pack sales: one in September 2021 (date TBD), one in Q1 2022 and the last in Q2 on the same year. Two main scenarios are expected:

A. In this scenario, we manage to raise enough funds:

1. 10% of the raised funds will be paid to the team for their support and dedication

2. 60% will be used for game development

3. 10% will be used to make a dedicated comic book, expanding the plot scenario

4. The last 20% will be used for partnership and marketing

Furthermore, pixeledfaces NFTS will be used as the main in game items and characters, and possibly generating pixeledfaces unique token via staking.

B. In this unfortunate scenario, not enough funds are raised, especially in the 1st 2 sale events. This means that the team won’t be able to immediately fund developing a game. Pixeledfaces NFTs will remain as collectibles on the WAX blockchain, until we manage to either completely self-fund the game or find a dedicated team that is willing to share their time and experience in building it. Alternatively, a major sponsorship might cover the expenses.

What kind of game are we talking about

We are thinking about 2 kinds of games: the first would be a free-to-play match-three puzzle game that will allow users to use their pixeledfaces NFTs for special in-game treats (extra life, move, etc.). The other is a pixeledfaces-characters based RPG, that will retain the pixel art theme, and allow friends to join forces and defeat the upcoming apocalypse.

Pixeledfaces Team

At the moment of writing this paper, the team consists of Peter and 2 other believers who are supporting this initiative both on the ground or on social media. A talented Lebanese doctor and artist is working on season 2 sketches and might end up joining the team. Furthermore, Dr Jonida Bou Dib who is an experienced research team lead in business psychology and organizational transformation will be our first advisor. We are discussing with BD to join the team and we are open to adding more people.

“We don’t know who we are until we see what we can do” — M.G. If you share the same dream and think that you can add value to a small yet dynamic team, feel free to contact Peter on discord, telegram, or twitter. His handle is @pBouDib


Once pixeledfaces is a self-sustained ecosystem, up to 20% of its revenues will be used to support urgent causes such as poverty, hunger, and equality. Not only that, but we will also support moves that promotes climate change awareness, animal welfare as well as fund scientific research.


What is a non-fungible token or NFT

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a cryptographic non-interchangeable token that represents a unique asset, which ownership and authenticity are certified and can be verified on the blockchain.

What is pixeledfaces

Pixeledfaces is a series of fictional characters living between Markosville and Janesville, originally minted on the WAX blockchain. Those NFTs are unique pixel art collectibles, developed by Dr Peter Bou Dib. The team is planning to raise funds to pay artists and developer to bring life to your favorite characters, making them heroes and villains. The 50 characters of Season 1 were released between March and May 2021. We strongly believe that season 2 (scheduled for September 2021) will attract more attention as the story evolves.

What is Wax

WAX is a clean & carbon neutral blockchain, that offers a convenient way to create NFTs, as well as a global peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace, allowing one to buy, sell, and trade, digital collectibles using a global token (WAX token). Learn more at

What can collectors do with their NFTs

NFTs can fall into one or multiple categories. They can be a form of art, collectible, or music. They can be used in finance (staking and farming), gaming, as well as represent a real-world asset. A collector can either hold them, sell, or trade them. The WAX Blockchain ensures the authenticity of your NFT. They cannot be neither altered nor modified.

As for pixeledfaces NFT current state: pixeledfaces NFTs are at the moment pixel art collectibles, with plan to add more use-cases and functionalities in the future.

What are pixeledfaces rarities

Initially, pixeledfaces NFTs came in 3 amazing rarities: common, rare, and ultra-rare. Yet, we used WAX built-in blending tools, allowing our collectors to blend and upgrade their common pixeledfaces NFTs into the rare and ultra-rare ones. You can find the blending recipes here.

Season 2 will come in 4 different versions: common, vintage, glitch developed by Peter, and the sketches drawn by Dr Sleiman based on the original characters. As sales is planned to be via packs, future blending opportunities might take place.

UPDATE 02.09.21: pixeledfaces will no longer include a sketched version 

How do I purchase an NFT

To purchase an NFT, open a WAX Cloud Wallet account here. Use this account to login to a marketplace (neftyblocksatomichubnfthive), pick the pack or NFT you are interested in, and complete the purchase. Don’t forget to get some WAX from a supported exchange or from within you wax web wallet.

Are pixeledfaces characters available on a different blockchain

Few pixeledfaces characters were minted on Opensea, but they are different / unique. We did not and will not mint the same NFT twice. Our collection on Opensea can be found here.

How can we follow your updates

You can stay up to date by following our news on twitterdiscord and telegram.

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