The Future of Money is Digital – TERNIO becomes a VISA Enablement Partner.

An exclusive Interview with Ternio’s Founder & CEO, Mr. Daniel Gouldman

Ternio, the global fintech blockchain platform, strongly believes that through its advanced blockchain technology, will bring fintech companies to another level; it can empower them to be their own bank. Ternio’s specialty is to bridge the gap between the old technology and the new. Through its own brand, Blockcard, Ternio brings the fiat closer to cryptocurrency and supports fintech companies by simply enabling a real banking payment application solution.

Crypto Untangled X Ternio
Crypto Untangled X Ternio – Coming Soon

Only few hours ago, during an exclusive interview for CryptoNews Lebanon, Daniel Gouldman, CEO of Ternio shared some very exciting and outstanding news: Ternio is VISAS 1st Cryptocurrency focused enablement partner.  It means that Ternio, as a resourceful blockchain enterprise company with a deep knowledge and expertise in the cryptocurrency market, will help and support different fintech companies that through VISA’s platforms and programs, to easily access the digital currency market. This partnership marks the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration in the crypto market and shows that more and more fintech companies are understanding the importance and embracing the adoption of blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payments.  They already know that: “The future of Money is Digital!” – Daniel Gouldman, CEO

Dr Jonida Bou Dib, Founder of CryptoNews Lebanon

The interview will be soon published on Crypto Untangled Podcast.

Crypto Untangled aims to be among the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency related podcasts and is already available on Podbean, Spotify, and Google and Apple podcasts.

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